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Erratic Roman Rule

The pattern in which Rome was governed after the reign of Augustus was erratic. Emperor Tiberius ruled Rome normally, however, after the death of his son he left Rome to live in seclusion. This made the Roman gears of government … Continue reading

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The Aeneid: Roman Propaganda

The Aeneid is an epic tale written by the Roman poet Virgil. It was published some time around 20 B.C. Interestingly, Virgil never actually completed the Aeneid. Throughout his life, he never deemed it fit to be published. Subsequently, Virgil … Continue reading

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How to make espresso in a traditional moka pot

Recently I filmed a video about how to make espresso coffee. This film is the final result. I enjoy making movies just as much as taking photos, because of the ulltimate final result.

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Tiberius Gracchus

After the Second Punic war, Rome was left in a state of disarray. Many soldiers returned back to their homes and farms only to find them ravished from the war. Thus, they sold their land to the greedy rich just … Continue reading

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Alexander’s Horse

Plutarch (the Roman historian who lived during the first century AD) illustrates an important episode in Alexander the Great’s childhood. Alexander’s father (Philip the Great of Macedon) was presented with a horse for sale, at the price of thirteen talents. … Continue reading

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Ancient Liberty

An interesting factor of  the ancient world was liberty in cities like Athens. The Athenian view of liberty is one that differs greatly with most modern people’s view on liberty. The modern view of liberty contains ideas like free speech, … Continue reading

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