Spartan Culture

In the late eighth century BC, the Spartan people felt they did not have the agricultural means to support themselves. Thus they went to war with and conquered Messenia. The Spartans then enslaved the Messenian people, who were now called Helots. However, the Spartans were left in a sticky situation. The Helots outnumbered the Spartans ten to one. Therefore in the seventh century BC, there was a massive slave rebellion. It was now that the Spartans fully realized the gravity of their situation. Instead of just freeing the Helots, the Spartans decided that the best course of action would be to change their culture to focus entirely on military. That meant that they did away with all of their arts and everything glamorous. The Spartan children were taken away from their homes at an early age to become tough, buff, and rough Spartan soldiers. With this worldview in place the Spartans were able to quell the Helots and keep them in check. With the Helots enslaved again, the Spartans were free to train all day because the Helots would farm and provide the Spartans with food. This warrior mindset stuck with the Spartans for a long time afterward.

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