Athenian Democracy

Athenian democracy was divided into four governmental sections The Assembly, The Counsel of Five Hundred, The Law Courts, and The Magistrate. The Assembly could consist of any amount of Athenian Citizens. Usually the amount of citizens in the assembly was in the ten thousands. The members of the Assembly talk and debated about issues and ideas that were presented to them. Next there was The Counsel of Five Hundred. They decided what concerns were worthy to be brought to The Assembly. Members of The Counsel of Five Hundred were chosen at random from the citizen body of Athens and only served one term each. Following was The Law Courts. The Law Courts consisted of 6000 citizens who were chosen every year and were called dicasts. They decided the outcome of court cases and inflicted punishments the prosecuted. Finally we have The Magistrate. Members of the Magistrate served for one year and were either elected or chosen by lot. A Magistrate member was basically just a government official. It is clearly seen that the Athenian government contained mostly (if not entirely) Athenian citizens. This form of government would be twiddled and tweaked to form better hybrids for countries in the future.

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