Archaic Greek Vase

Here is a very ancient Greek vase. The story depicted here is the tale of Odysseus and the Sirens. In Homers Odyssey the Sirens were beautiful but dangerous creatures, which lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music  to shipwreck them on the rocky coast of their island. On the vase we see Odysseus tied to the mast of his ship listening to the music of the Sirens. His crew however had their ears plugged so they would not here the song of the Sirens and may navigate through the waters.

Although the original artist of this vase is clouded in mystery, we do know that the vase was created around 480-470 BC. This piece of art is from the archaic period of Greek art. In the archaic period we see black and red figure vases. This vase is a red figure vase. We also see sculptures of various people, which are formed with stiff bodily posture rather than a relaxed position like later sculptures of the Greeks and Romans.

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