Erratic Roman Rule

The pattern in which Rome was governed after the reign of Augustus was erratic. Emperor Tiberius ruled Rome normally, however, after the death of his son he left Rome to live in seclusion. This made the Roman gears of government move to a halt until his death, which showed how helpless Rome was without a emperor. The next Emperor Caligula was extremely insane. Caligula fancied himself a god among other ridiculous actions. Following Caligula was Claudius. Claudius truly took command of the Roman Empire. During his reign he added Brittain to Rome’s massive expanse. Then Nero moved into office after the death of Claudius. Throughout his reign he got extremely annoyed with his mother that he murdered her. He was like Caligula an insane emperor. Finally Nero, overwhelmed with the rebellion in Rome, committed suicide. It is clear that in this time the Roman people were subject to a period of unpredictable Roman rule.

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