The Papal-Frankish Alliance

Louis_the_Pious_king_of_AquitaneThe Papal-Frankish Alliance was brought about by some very interesting circumstances. The Anglo-Saxons were eager to spread Christianity to part of Europe that had not heard it. This was around the area that the Germanic barbarian tribes possessed. Both the Franks and the Pope were enthusiastic about this plan thus they worked alongside each other in an attempt to spread Christianity. Also, the Pope was searching for protection against the Lombards. No longer could the Pope rely on the Byzantine Empire for support. The Byzantine’s were under pressing pressure from their particular enemies hence they could not provide the support the Eastern Empire was looking for. Likewise, The Byzantine’s were involved in some religious shenanigans concerning Christianity of which the pope was not happy with. Thus Rome looked to the Franks. The Franks agreed to help and forged and strong alliance with the eastern Roman Empire

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