Charlemagne and the PopePope Leo The III was imprisoned in a monastery due to the fact that the roman people disliked him in 799 AD. He was eventually released and Charlemagne was somewhat involved in his release. In response the Pope crowned Charlemagne emperor of Western Roman Empire on December 25, 800 AD. According to Einhard (Charlemagne’s biographer) he would not have gone to mass that day if he had known he would be crowned emperor. Although we might never know for sure, Einhard states that Charlemagne was slightly nervous to the idea of being emperor. He felt that the Pope should not have the power of bestowing the kingdom to him. What is to stop the Pope from bestowing it to himself? Also he feared the eastern empire might feel threatened by this action. But Charlemagne put all their fear to rest and settled on ruling as a half emperor with the eastern empire.

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