The Carolingian Renaissance

The Carolingian RenaissanceThe Carolingian Renaissance was a period of cultural advancement in the Carolingian empire, which lasted from the late eighth century to the ninth century AD. Even though they were barbarians, the Carolingian’s wanted to create a civilization of which Rome would have been proud, however it would have a Christian emphasis as well. It was Charlemagne’s task to build up a Carolingian culture from a state where there had been no culture at all. Charlemagne greatly valued the culture of the Greeks and Romans. He thought that the Carolingian’s could use the culture of the Greeks and Romans as a sort of foundation that they could build off of. From that foundation they could make an even greater culture. Also Charlemagne employed scholars, writers, builders, and artists to help in his cultural endeavor. One very significant cultural advancement that originated from the Carolingian Renaissance was Carolingian Minuscule. This was a form of writing that is very similar to the way the English language is written today. It had capital letters, lowercase letters, and punctuation much like our language today. It was the first of this kind of text seen in history.

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