What I Gathered from the Koran

MeccaThe Koran is a collection of speeches that were spoken to Mohamed by the angel Gabriel or so they say. The religion depicted in the Koran is monotheistic like Christianity but with major alarming differences. What I gathered from what I read was this: Muslims believe that they should attempt to convert nonbelievers to their religion. However, if they do not comply they must be eliminated. In a Christian society an unbeliever would be allowed to live as long as they obey the law. In a Muslim society that is not the case. Some of the tenets they believe in are similar to those of the Christian religion. They believe that there is a garden that is flowing with great riches and they believe in a place that is similar to hell. The garden resembles the Garden of Eden in my opinion. Also the the type of language the Koran is written in is much like the Christian bible, although what you might read in it is far from Christianity.

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