Justinian the Great?

Justinian the GreatProcopius was a well-respected 6-century byzantine historian. He best is known for his writings on Justinian the Great. Perhaps the most interesting work of Procopius was a book entitled the Secret History. In this book he makes known all the faults of Justinian and Theodora (his wife). Procopius was worried that Justinian was too much of an ambitious emperor. He even compared him to some early roman emperors. Justinian used all the funds that emperors and accumulated before him and used them to start a conquest against many civilizations. He even had to raise taxes to an astronomical level. Worst part of all was that his campaigns were completely useless. Whenever he would win a fight he lost an unbelievable amount of resources and solders making the victory almost a loss. Procopius portrays Justinian to be a warmongering money-squandering emperor.

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