christendom and its neighbours in 11th century

Christendom was the name given for the majority of Europe (which was controlled mostly by the Western Roman Empire) that believed in the Catholicism. There were no stipulations (like passports or green cards) concerning where you were born making jobs such as cleric, professor, or student incredibly easier then those jobs are today. It is seen many times in the history of Christendom men growing up in one country and controlling monasteries or universities in another country. Also the church was seen as a political figure, as well in those times. The Church acted numerous times as a peacemaker between warring groups all the way up to World War I. Pope Benedict the XV presented a peace treaty that Woodrow Wilson did not accept. However, he would base most of his treaty from ideas presented by the Pope. Also the church was responsible for preforming excommunication and interdict. These were very heavy sanctions that could be preformed on everyone including kings.

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