Catholic Indulgences

IndulgencesSome people have a confused theory on Indulgences and have no idea what Catholics say Indulgences actually do. Catholics use baptism to wash away the stain of original sin. But everyone still sins on a daily basis. According to the Catholic Church every time a Catholic sins that sin adds up to a tremendous amount of time in Purgatory, an intermediary state after physical death in which those destined for heaven undergo purification. So what are the Catholics to do about all the time they have to serve in purgatory? They buy Indulgences. The Indulgence either subtracts all or part of ones time in Purgatory. An Indulgence does not only have to apply to oneself. If for example someone’s Uncle Joe never had the chance of buying a Indulgence during his lifetime, one might want to buy an Indulgence for their Uncle Joe to cut down Uncle Joe’s time in Purgatory.

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