The Great Schism

Map of the Great SchismThe Great Schism was a division between the East and West Roman Empires concerning how they ought to practice their religion. There had always been plenty of discord between the West (Catholics) and the East (Orthodox) because they operated their religions in totally different ways. They spoke different languages, their worship service was different, and Orthodox priests could marry while Catholic priests could not. Issues like these would cause friction between both sides. But push came to shove with a man named Michael Cerularius. Cerularius started to shut down Catholic Churches in the Eastern Roman Empire. Thus the Pope sent men to try and reach some sort of an agreement with Cerularius. Cerularius refused and was excommunicated from the Holy Catholic Church. It was then that the Great Schism began. The Pope started to lose more and more power  over the Orthodox Church until he had none at all. Eventually the Catholic Church and Orthodox Church became completely independent from each other. This Schism is indeed still in effect today.

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