Misconceptions Concerning the Crusades

crusades1Over the years many misconceptions have arose concerning the Crusades. Many people think that the Crusades were an unwarranted unprovoked attack against the Muslims. On the contrary, the Muslims had already assaulted many Christian cities such as Antioch, Ephesus, and Nicaea in Asia Minor. Also the Byzantine Empire requested help in defending their lands from the power of the Muslims. Thus the Roman Empire had good reason to retaliate against the Muslims. Some people think that the members of the Crusades were only fixated on wealth. However, this is not true. Recent researchers have discovered that the members of the Crusades where already quite wealthy and possessed  plenty of land in Europe. Why would these soldiers risk their lives and spend a fortune on the crusade to try and make more money? The soldiers went on crusades for religious reasons and to help liberate the cities that the Muslims had taken.

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