Albigensian Doctrine

AlbigensiansThe Albigensians were a religious group in the 12th and 14th centuries AD. They believed that there were two gods in the universe. One god (the good god) controlled the spiritual realm. The other god (the evil god) controlled matter and all earthly things. The Albigensians believed that the body was the prison of the soul and that human flesh was evil. From the Albigensians’ perspective, the incarnation of Jesus could not have happened. According to Albigensian doctrine, the good god could not incarnate himself in such an evil way as flesh. Women who were with child were seen as evil, because they were bringing flesh (which would be evil) into the world. Therefore, pregnant women could not be saved because they possessed too much flesh in their body. The Albigensians believed that Christians transmitted the Sacraments incorrectly. The Albigensians argued that the sacraments should be transmitted to humans through the laying on of hands. However, this doesn’t make any sense since this practice would be incompatible with the rest of their doctrine. Since hands are flesh and the Albigensians believe flesh is evil, it seems that nothing good could be transmitted through this process. However, the Albigensians never addressed this inconstancy in their teaching.

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