Scholastic Philosophy

AnselmScholastic philosophy is concerned with looking at important philosophical texts and dissecting them according to man’s reason rather than using a source like the Bible. An example of a Scholastic philosopher is the Benedictine monk St Anselm. St Anselm was a Scholastic philosopher who lived from 1033 to 1109 AD. He believed that he possessed the Christian faith, however, he thought he needed more understanding of certain Christian tenets. Thus he wrote books likeĀ Cur Deus Homo? (or Why Did God Become Man?). In the book he tries to explain why God would become human, without looking to the Bible for answers. This is his conclusion about why God would become human: Sin is an infinite offense against God, because God is infinite. Therefore, only an infinite being can pay for our sins. Hence, God sent the infinite second member of the trinity (Jesus) to pay the price for our sins. He made this theory according to his reason without any aid from the Bible. There are a few more statements thatĀ Anselm made about christianity that I do not believe in, because he did not use the Bible to find the true answers he only used his mind.

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