Thomas Aquinas

St Thomas AquinasThomas Aquinas was an Italian priest of the Dominican Order who lived from 1225 to 1274 AD. He was a very powerful theologian and philosopher in the tradition of Scholasticism. Thomas Aquinas believed that there are three kinds of knowledge.

The first kind of knowledge is the kind that is given to us by God and cannot be understood by human reason. An example in his opinion is the trinity. Man cannot make sense of the trinity. Only through God’s word can we understand it.

The second kind of knowledge is the kind that we do not need God’s word for. According to Thomas Aquinas scientific findings such as the water cycle do not require God’s word in order to understand them.

His last form of knowledge was the kind where we can use our reason and God’s word. An example would be proving that God exists. Thomas Aquinas supposed that humans could prove God’s existence through reason or God could reveal himself to people in ways that are depicted in the Bible.

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