Gothic Architecture

salisbury-1Gothic architecture is one of the most incredible kinds of architecture ever to be seen in history. We see gothic architecture at its finest with cathedrals like Notre Dame, Salisbury, and Chartres. However, these cathedrals could never have been constructed if it had not been for an architectural advancement known as the flying buttress. The flying buttress would shift the weight of a building off of the roof to the walls so that the building would not cave in on itself.

The architecture of these fantastic cathedrals was inspired by some of the attributes of God. For an example, because God is the supreme mathematician of the universe they believed that the cathedrals should be constructed with perfect mathematic ratios. Also, because God is the light of the world and the mind they believed that these cathedrals should have incredible illuminating amounts of light inside them. Flying buttress’s helped impeccably to keep the cathedrals well lit. By relieving the cathedrals of much of their weight it allowed the walls to contain gigantic elegant stained glass windows, which supplied the cathedrals the perfect amount of light.

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