John Wycliffe

John WycliffeJohn Wycliffe was a prominent figure in the early fourteenth century. He lived from 1320 until he suffered from a stroke and died as the year 1384 came to a close. He was a priest and a professor at Oxford University. Wycliffe is sometimes called “The Morning Star of the Reformation”. He was one of the earliest opponents of papal authority. HeĀ believed heavily in Christian predestination, which teaches that God predetermines men and women to go to heaven rather than the personal choice of any man. He also believed that if someone was in a state of sin then he no longer has a right to his property. For instances like this, Wycliffe thought that the government should step in and liberate that individual of their property. If any member of the clergy was in control of property then they were rejecting Christ according to Wycliffe. Unless they gave their property away or the state took it away then they would not be allowed to administer the sacraments.

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