Renaissance Perspective

the hunt

One of the most interesting and beautiful parts of the Renaissance was the artwork. Artwork before the Renaissance lacked perspective, in other words, it was extremely two-dimensional. It was just at the start of the Renaissance that artists were using technics such as lighting and perspective in their paintings, which gave the art a true three-dimensional look. The artist Masaccio, who lived from 1401-1428 brilliantly used perspective to his advantage in paintings such as, The Tribute Money. In The Flagellation of Christ painted by Piero Della Francesca, who lived 1415-1492 he shows people in the foreground of the image and Jesus in the background. This painting is interesting as he draws the viewer’s attention to the background rather than the foreground, a technique that had not been used in previous centuries. Paolo Uccello, perhaps not as noteworthy as the predecessors, lived from 1397-1475. In his painting, The Hunt, he brakes away from the two-dimensional mold with beautiful foreground and background images.

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