Who Thought the Earth Was Flat?

flat earthThere is a myth that is floating around today regarding the middle ages. People say that during the middle ages everyone thought that the earth was flat. This is a myth and should be considered not true. The truth of the matter is that there were only two main men who supported this idea. They were Lactantius and Cosmas Indicopleustes. These men were so insignificant that their opinions hold no bearing on western civilization to this day. To be honest not many people have ever even heard of these men. Actually, the main men who propagated this myth were Washington Irving and Antoine-Jean Letronne. Washington Irving wrote about a counsel where Columbus was warned Lactantius’s words were true and that he would surly die if he crept to the end of the earth. But, Columbus so courageous set aside all of their foolish dark aged doctrine and proved them wrong. This counsel never existed and Washington Irving’s words are false. Nevertheless, there were plenty of people who wanted this opinion to be true that they propagated it just because they wanted the middle ages to look stupid.

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