King Henry the VIII and the Beginning to the English Reformation

henry 8While Martin Luther was causing a stir in Germany with his new views on the Christian religion there was a reformation-taking place in England. However, this reformation was very different from Martin Luther’s. King Henry the VIII started the English reformation in a round about way. Henry wanted to annul his marriage to his wife Catherine since she had not bore him a male heir to the throne. As Henry’s minions looked for some obscure law by which they may annul this marriage, Henry had already fallen in love with another woman. It soon became imperative to annul Henry’s marriage due to the fact that his new lover was expecting his child. Thus, the English courts found fault in the marriage and therefore annulled it. The only problem was that they completely bypassed papal authority, since the Rome Pope should have a say in these matters. So, because of King Henry the VIII marital shenanigans the nation of England broke away from the Roman Catholic Church. Although England was not completely reformed yet, the stage was surely set and the manner in which it would be reformed was to be completely different than the German reformation.

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