St. Francis Xavier’s Work in Japan

St. Francis XavierSt. Francis Xavier was a Roman Catholic missionary who lived from 1506 to 1552. He is also known to be a co-founder of the Society of Jesus. Most of his missionary work took place in Japan and in a letter he wrote to Jesuits at Rome we learn many interesting facts about his work. What I gathered was that Xavier was extremely zealous when teaching and preaching his Christian views. He would loudly proclaim the basic tenants of the Christian faith to all who asked what they must do to be one of God’s chosen. It seemed that most of the people he preached to seemed to want to convert to Christianity. The only obstacle that hindered this was a group of religious men known as the Brahmins. The Brahmins were those men who kept the heathen religion of old. When Xavier finally clashed with these men on a philosophical level Xavier emerged victorious in their debates.

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  1. Well written essay. Very interesting. Are you doing Western Civ. 2? I am.

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