Industrial Revolution

Industrial RevolutionWhen talking about the Industrial Revolution people usually speak of the standard of living debate. This debate used to be on whether during the Industrial Revolution people acquired more economic growth than in previous centuries. There is only one conclusion to this debate. It wasn’t called the Industrial Revolution for nothing; clearly there was the implement of technological advancements such as the spinning jenny, steam engines, and locomotives. All of these improvements provided business the ability to create factories, which provided jobs for more people.

The debate that people converse over today is when did people start to experience an increase in the economical living. The real answer to this debate is that throughout the entire Industrial Revolution people experienced economical growth. It is true that working conditions in factories are far below than that of today, however there is a good reason why men, woman, and children alike flocked to work at these factories. It is because it was the best place to earn a dollar people worked at factories. Without the wages people earned at the factory they would not have the equity required to feed them, in other words the factories saved them from starvation. Nicholas Francis Robert Crafts (Professor of Economics and Economic History at the University of Warwick) pointed out that from 1760 to 1860 the lowest people saw there income increasing by was 65% while the highest being 70%. Even though these people are poor in the eyes of people today they were significantly better off than that of years before since the start of the Industrial Revolution to the end.

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