The Congress of Vienna

congress of viennaBefore the year 1814 in Europe, the land had been plagued with numerous wars and strife. Mainly, the French Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic Wars were of major concern. To ensure long lasting peace in Europe many ambassadors of all the world powers were sent to Vienna where they held the Congress of Vienna. The key ideas that they focused on were this,

  1. France after all of their recent shenanigans must be made to feel like they were being treated like every other nation.
  2. No one country should control too much power in Europe. There should be an equal balance of power in Europe to ensure that another nation like France cannot rise up and cause unrest.
  3. Also the countries that were affected by recent disturbances would also be compensated.

These were the main principles driving the congress. The most interesting out of the three in my opinion is the first. It was France that had caused most of the problems for Europe in the last hundred years, yet when all was said and done they were accepted back into the same status they had had before with all the other nations. In fact, France was sent to put down a revolution in Spain in 1822. This country that had been known for being stocked full of revolutions and wars was now the very actor in putting them down.

In contrast to the first key principle of the Congress of Vienna we can look to the Treaty of Versailles. Here the Allied Powers pushed Germany away from a seat at the table. Making demands that many Germans thought violation of honor. Because of this there was an eruption in the next twenty years known as the Nazi Party. And while after the Treaty of Versailles was passed the next hundred years were plagued with war the same cannot be said for the Congress of Vienna. The Congress of Vienna was a brilliant way to settle the uproar in Europe at in that time causing peace for the next hundred or so years.

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