During the 18th century there arose a new wave of people who based their beliefs on the ancient period in western civilization. Since they focused on cultures such as Greece and Rome the movement is referred to as Neoclassicism. The main characteristics of Neoclassicism included a key focus on simplicity, order, and rationality. One of the best ways to identify these characteristics in Neoclassicism is to study the art and architecture produced by artists of the movement.

oath of the horatiiThe Oath of the Horatii is a painting by Jacques-Louis David. It is one of the best-known examples of Neoclassical art and is currently on display in Louvre. Elements of Neoclassicism can be seen in how the painting is separated into three character groups resulting in the perfect usage of the rule of threes. Also every aspect of this painting point to the center figure creating simplicity and order two characteristics that were praised by Neoclassicists.

capitolNeoclassical architecture has influenced many architects to this day. Their work can be seen in the United States Capital building. Here obvious Neoclassical themes can be observed. The symmetrical lines, the focus on the top of the dome, and the similarities to Greek and Roman architecture all point to Neoclassicism.

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