The July Revolution

charles xIt is no secret that during the late 18th century through the 19th century, France underwent a serious of painful revolutions. Starting with the infamous Reign of Terror France embarked into a period of order, disorder, and change.

Upon the death of King Louis XVIII, Charles X became king of France in 1824. It must be known that Charles X was not a classical liberal in any sense of the word. This is very important because in 1827 most government officials who came into office on account of recent elections were in fact classical liberals. Although the government was turning more and more liberal every year, Charles ignored the change. Likewise, The people started to become indignant to Charles’s socialistic policies.

In 1830, the Chamber of Deputies returned a vote of no confidence in the government. More and more elections resulted in classical liberal thinkers in office. To counteract the growing hatred to his rule, Charles started limit the already limited freedom of the press. He dissolved the Chamber of Deputies among other outrages bursts of socialistic government policies.

july revolutionThis was no way to counteract the people’s liberal way of thought. Protesters started to fill the streets making their voices heard by Charles. Eventually, it came to the point where the people had had just about enough of Charles’s shenanigans. From the 26th to the 29th of July in the year 1830, the people fought to overthrow Charles. This revolution is known as the July Revolution. It was now that the people finally forced their will onto the government. Charles was deposed resulting in Louis Philippe I to come to power. Louis ruled in a conservative manor. However, even though his policies were classically liberal his reign would end shortly and France would return to its life of governmental change.

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