Karl Marx

karl marxAlthough socialistic theories had existed for centuries, there is one man who became the backbone of all socialistic thought. This man is Karl Marx, who lived from 1843 to 1881. Most socialistic leaders or philosophers have drawn (or draw) their ideas from Marx’s books such as,The Communist Manifesto or Das Kapital. It was Marx’s opinion that his socialism was superior to capitalism for the following reasons,

  1. Higher rate of production. A socialistic society will produce more wealth than a capitalistic one since it would have a plan. Social planners would work together to find the most productive setup for their society instead of having people just do, as they want with their property.
  2. More autonomy. Since Marx hated the division of labor, no one would have to be forced to work in a job that he was good at. This man could do what ever made him happy, thus giving him more autonomy.
  3. Lighter workload. There would be more leisure time for everyone as well. This would be because every one in the society would have to work. Everyone including the big business owners, who according to Marx just sat in their offices all day and smoked big cigars laughing at all the little people they exploit. These men would be forced to work like every other man; hence the workload would be smaller for everyone.

This is Marx’s socialistic theory in a nutshell. It has been debated over for centuries and was tried in Communistic Russia, however it eventually failed.

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