Problems with Marx’s Communism

marx 2Among all economic theories Marxist Communism is one of the most facetious. Although there are many problems with the theory, here are just two. It was Marx’s opinion that in a communistic society every person would have more autonomy. As I stated in the previous post,“Since Marx hated the division of labor, no one would have to be forced to work in a job that he was good at. This man could do what ever made him happy, thus giving him more autonomy.” What Marx completely forgot to mention was that every society would have central planners. To ensure that the society would produce the max amount of wealth it could, the planners would dictate the distribution of wealth and the job of every individual. The idea of central planners contradicts the very thought of an individuals autonomy.

It has been established that autonomy will not exist in a communistic society. The central planners will provide for the needs of all the people. If this were true, than that means these planners would have plenty of work to do. New York City has a population of around 8 million people, Los Angeles has a population of around 3 million, and Chicago has about 2 million, that is a lot of people living in a city. How in the world could a small fraction of millions of people determine the needs of the entire collective? There are bound to be drastic mistakes. This is the reason why communistic countries are dirt poor. They have inefficient economies due to central planners.

Although Marx dream of a society that would increase wealth and peace, it only results in poverty and chaos. In the end, Marx’s communistic dream is nothing more than a nightmare.

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