The Outlaw of Law

leninHistorian Richard Pipes once wrote, “Soviet Russia was the first society in history to outlaw law.” This statement is a little tough to wrap your head around the first time you read it. However, what he means by this is that after the Bolsheviks took command of Russia they stated that all legal codes were unpatriotic. They told the Russian people that all of that legal mumbo jumbo was basically bourgeois and they did not need it anymore. Vladimir Lenin told the judges at that time to rule with their revolutionary conscience. What in the world is a revolutionary conscience! What this basically means is that the judges in Russia would be ruling in court arbitrarily. What was even worse with the Russian legal system was that judges did not even require legal training. Lenin decreed that if you could read and write then you were qualified. All of this seems like a madman’s plot to destroy his own nation. While Lenin was probably mad, this plot still served him a strategic purpose. It was Lenin’s goal to make the Russian judiciary system a court of terror. The court was meant to legitimize terror inside Russia. The entire idea of outlawing law was just another of Lenin’s plans of keeping the people in check.

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