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St.-Thomas-More-2When Thomas More published Utopia in 1516, he raised many interesting ideas concerning society, politics, and religion. Many of the ideas that he puts forth in the book are socialistic. However, this does not mean that More advocated the socialist position. The book is written as satire. More creates a vision of a complex socialistic society to show people how ludicrous life would be if they lived in his so called Utopia. The book was obviously aimed at educated readers who could deduce his sly writing techniques. So was More running the risk of causing uproar from the church or the governing authorities? I do not believe so. If anyone had any qualms with his work he could always point out that the main character of the story’s (the man who describes the Utopian land) name was Hythloday. Which in English means, “talker of nonsense”.

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  1. Nice essay! I really, really liked it. You got the point across really well!!! 🙂

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